Sony Xperia Z Ultra


Are you looking for the right tablet for you or your closest? Do not know which one to pick? Read on and maybe you would like this kind of model that we have chosen for you. In addition, we have chosen something new from Sony line. Sony did not wait too long for their brand new Sony Xperia Z Ultra. Did you know that at the begging it was call huge sell phone? People did not know in which category to place this device. Should they place it in cell phones or in tablets? Nevertheless, in the end they placed it in tablets. Because it is more, tablet that handset.

We have done a little research for you. Therefore, we find out something more about this strange device. Sony Xperia Z Ultra is device packs a 6.5-inch Full HD screen. The main thing about this device is that is WiFi only model. In addition, because of that we truly hope that we will get some decent price for it. Do you know what the best thing about this device is? Well, prepare for next thing from its description. We found out that Sony Xperia Z Ultra is dust proof and waterproof. That is certainly great about this device.

That is not all; it comes with high-end specs, which include a Snapdragon 800 processor and 2GB of Ram. That is great, Sony prove one more time that they can stick with the technology. Until now they never betrayed our trust and they were making great cell phones and other equipment. So now is time to prove that they can create a great tablet. Moreover, we think that they have done that.  Sony Xperia Z Ultra is everything you can imagine. Well every device has bad and good thing. We have already told some of its good things, and now here comes the bad side of this device.

The bad thing about Sony Xperia Z Ultra, as we mention before is the WiFi only unit, because it still has not hit the international market. In addition, this tablet or popular called huge phone is available only in Japan. Well who knows, maybe in the next future tablets will take over smart phones and we will use only huge phones as Sony Xperia  Ultra. In addition, let us not to forget to write about its bunch of appealing accessories.

xperia-z-ultra-features-design-onehanded-620x370-8636caa5a190ca9e5781b39cb58da083  You can get a stylus pen, power cover, and magnetic charging dock. We think that Sony made a great work with this tablet. We hope that in the future we can see and find Sony Xperia Z Ultra worldwide not only in Japan. Do you want to be the first one to know about technology news? Than stay on our website and we will work hard to deliver you only fresh news from technology world. Do not be the last one to find out. Mix Phones are here to bring you the latest news for tablets, smart phones, iPods, and everything else.

Is It Crazy For Lenovo That Bought Motorola?

In our previous articles, we mentioned that Google is selling Motorola to Lenovo. The main question for that was why Lenovo want to buy Motorola. They did not even buy the good stuff, because Google is holding on to 7,000 patents. Therefore, Lenovo only got the handset side. Now Motorola is having a global Smartphone market, which means it does not feature in the top 10. Last year Lenovo ended as the world’s fourth largest Smartphone manufacturer. It was risky for Lenovo to buy Motorola, because they are not likeable in the UK market.


In that way, Lenovo should spend a lot of money just turning Motorola around. Google also spend a lot of money for restructuring it. Chinese Lenovo really needs brand that is know in western, because when it comes to handsets the western market is hardly xenophobic. Maybe that is why Lenovo is taking huge risks right now. For example, the Korean Samsung’s global success, it is not only keeping up behind Apple in terms of shipments, but it is also building the UK’s largest 4G network. If we compare Lenovo and Samsung, we could see that they two share many similarities. Samsung has the whole package- TV’s and laptops as well as handsets. However, analysts do agree that the key to success is offering multi-screen Smartphone on the market.

Motorola brand is useful in terms of credibility if not financially. The business between Lenovo and Google it is the most need because of Android’s success as operating system on the market. Does Lenovo want to beat Android in every step? Well, perhaps they want to make something better, maybe that is why they bought Motorola so now they could invest in something completely new and different from Android, and the most important something that is better than Android. It sounds crazy, right. Well it is a bit crazy, but obviously, Lenovo I taking risk with everything they have. There is not any reason and, why they have bought Motorola, as we said before and only the handset part. In addition, Lenovo and Google made 10-year patent licensing agreement- so this speaks that it is all about trying not to be sue over breach of IP. Motorola is decline for several years; in fact, it is faling quite quickly down from 9.1 per cent to 8.5 per cent in the first three months of 2013 alone.

That is definitely not a good sign, and it is definitely bad sign for Lenovo, but perhaps they think that in sinking boat there is gold. Well, it has true in that sentence. Many years ago, even before Smartphones, Motorola was popular phone on the market something as if Nokia and they were unbreakable and great looking. So, we thing there is gold in that sinking boat and maybe Lenovo is having the greatest of all deals. However, looking from the other side, maybe Motorola had its time, they had enough, and they should stop and change everything from the beginning. That will cost money, and you never know what time is going to bring. Maybe something completely new that is going to beat Apple, Nokia.


 Less than a month, HTC officially reveals the new HTC One 2, which is described as the heavily rumoured device, also known as the HTC One m8 or the HTC One Plus. Just to stoke the gadget fire a little further, the Taiwanese company has put up and official poster in the window of Selfridges in London that reads: The all-new HTC One, and then simply, Feel it. That is very cool commercial to promote the new device, and very smart move from HTC Company.
The two words Feel it, give some sense of discreet touch and something intimate so it will make you to go right away to the phone stores just to see the new device. They have made a good score with this new commercial. We are not so use to watch some great commercial from HTC Company. However, they got the point; if you want to sell your product, you should seduce your new and old customers every time. That also give a clue to us that HTC is planning to call its new handset simply the New HTC One- that is something similar as Apple took with the fourth iPad. But rest of the companies have to follow the most great of all, so maybe that is why HTC follows Apple in this one, so they could reach the higher position on the market, they simply learn from the best.
The official HTC Uk twitter account posted a snap of the poster and added the message: Something is happening in Selfridges. It obvios means that we could see the follow up to the massively popular HTC One for sale at Selfridges immediately following HTC’s main events at the London Olypmia and in New York. HTC attempts to get us all very excited without revealing too much, so other sources are not quite so restrain. There is twelve-minute video by the YouTuber Roshan Jamkatel, and he claimed to show off a fully featured developer edition of the HTC One 2. There are plenty of leaks that we have heard in last month, we heard that they would be on-screen buttons, maybe dual rear camera and very large round screen.
Those all things were confirm in the video, so we could not know if that is for real. However, we could expect anything from HTC. The official reveal is going to be, on 25 March, so until then we must wait to see what HTC is going to bring to its customers. Maybe they are playing the same game as Apple, with releasing all those devices with small difference, except the new iPhone 6, which is quite different from the rest. However, we truly hope that HTC One 2 is going to be much better from the old one, much faster and it would not have all those software problems. The good thing is that HTC knows what their customer really need, and they give the device to them and you could really feel the difference with the rest of the devices out there.